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Electronics is moving fast, and every day the manufacturers introduce some new products. For an engineer, keeping up and adopting the most innovative solutions is of paramount importance.

Yet,an engineer must also have a perfect knowledge of every component (s)he uses. This reduces the design flaws, and shrink time and costs.

Speed and innovation, on one side. Competence and in-depth knowledge, on the other. How to balance?

Our choice was to specialise.

The microcontroller is the heart of all our designs. For this reason, we selected Atmel, well known for being a serious and innovative company. Specifically, we adopted AVR microcontrollers (8 and 32 bits).

We consciously decided to only use Atmel microcontrollers. Thus, we reached an excellent level of knowledge on every AVR family (ATTiny, ATMega, ATXMega, UC3).


Over the years, we designed many AVR-based devices, improving our competence. Moreover, we are continually in touch with Atmel personnel, and we are invited to all the technical seminars.

For our customers, this means less risk of errors, reduced design time, lower cost.

Thanks to our commitment, since 2011 Atmel appointed us "Certified AVR/AVR32 Consultants" (Atmel directory, look under "Design Consultants - AVR - Italy").