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The IoT (Internet of Things) is changing the way we interface with the rest of our world, the way we live.

An impressive number of new devices, based on new technologies, is populating the market. An equally impressive number of existing things is "connecting" to the Internet. All of this will change our life for good and, we believe for better.

In the industrial world, the IoT becomes IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). The huge amount of available information (the big data) is improving our ability to control and optimise industrial processes, to reduce costs, improve reliability and push performance.

Desiigning an IoT/IIoT device is not easy: there is an urgent need for balancing good performance and speed with low power, long battery duration, extreme miniaturization, cost reduction.


During the years, M.d.C. Technology developed a considerable experience that allows us to be an active part of IoT/IIoT.

Wearable devices, data gateways, battery-powered industrial sensor networks are some examples of our projects - some of them designed for critical environments like marine or full-scale industrial temperature.

So, when you think to your next IoT/IIoT project, talk with us.

We can be a key for your success!


Modulo Atmel Zigbit dual antenna